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Asia as Method. There, beyond the Great Wall of China , a large but scattered population of native Christians had taken refuge from the persecutions of the Jiaqing Emperor "Kia-king" who had added Christianity to China's list of condemned superstitions and cults, threatening missionaries with execution and converts with enslavement to the Muslims of Xinjiang. Huc devoted himself to the study of the dialects and customs of the " Tartars ," for whom he translated several religious texts.

Huc's intention was to travel from China to Lhasa, and from there to India [4] much as Xuanzang had travelled via Tashkent , Samarkand and Taxila much earlier, in the 7th century. This work prepared him for his journey to Tibet in at the instigation of the vicar apostolic of Mongolia. By September he reached Dolon Nor and made arrangements for his journey.

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Soon after, accompanied by his fellow-Vincentian, Joseph Gabet , and a young Mongour priest who had embraced Christianity, he set out. To escape attention the party assumed the dress of lamas or priests. Crossing the Yellow River , they advanced into the terrible sandy tract known as the Ordos Desert. After suffering dreadfully from want of water and fuel they entered Gansu , having recrossed the flooded Yellow River.

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Upon entering Kuen-Kiang-Hien both missionaries fell dreadfully ill and had to put the journey on hold to rest and recover. By January they reached Tang-Kiul on the boundary. Rather than take an independent four months journey to Lhasa , they waited eight months for a Tibetan embassy expected to return from Peking. Under an intelligent teacher they meanwhile studied the Tibetan language and Buddhist literature. During three months of their stay they resided in the ancient Kunbum Llamasery , which was said to accommodate 4, persons.

Travels in Tartary, Thibet, and China During the years 1844-5-6. Volume 2 by Huc

In late September they joined the returning embassy, which comprised 2, men and 3, animals. Crossing the deserts of Koko Nor Qinghai , they passed the great Koko Nor lake , with its island of contemplative lamas.

Travels in Tartary, Thibet and China, 1844 1846

The missionaries, along with Evariste, engaged in prolonged and thoughtful conversations and meditations with these lamas, contributing to the entirety of their success in China. Lamas of these sorts possessed unimaginable magic power, and blessed them for the hot, wet journey ahead. After a difficult journey across snow-covered mountains, they entered Lhasa on 29 January Favourably received by the regent, they opened a little chapel. They had begun to establish their mission when Qishan , the Chinese resident interceded. His action being disapproved, Qishan had been degraded, sentenced to death, reprieved, then sent to Tibet as imperial commissioner.

Following an official inquiry into their motives for being in Tibet, they were officially escorted to Canton in October Davis reported Gabet's exciting information with its strategic significance about Central Asia to Palmerston.