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Use your literary interests to your advantage and write what you like, letting the erotic aspects work as an added feature to your work. Know your target audience and make sure you brand your work accordingly. Are you writing for fans of erotic romance or other subgenres? Readers do not respond well to these types of surprises. One point that I cannot stress enough is the importance to be innovative and unique in your erotica.

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There are only so many ways to write a traditional sex scene, and they can become repetitive and boring. Use your subgenres to your advantage. What is it about your characters or their circumstances that you can use to make your erotica different? What limits can you break, without crossing the line? Be tactful about your ending.

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  • Even cliffhangers in series need to give the readers hope that all is well, if at least for the time being. If the main couple does not end up together, make sure there is a good reason for it, and that they are better off going their separate ways. Not Only Sells Sex Toys for Women But We Also Give Away Free Erotica

    Writing erotica can be a fun and rewarding venture, but as with any genre there are rules to which the author must adhere. While rules can sometimes be stretched or even broken, knowing your audience and your market will go a long way in helping you to promote your work. Good luck!

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    Benefits include happier mood, better sleep, a natural glow and… a FREE tote bag for any purchase of two items! This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. An Erotic Story of Modern Romance. Post Date Gina wasted no time. She locked the cubicle door behind herself and crouched.

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    No kiss, no talk, no eye to eye. She undid my belt to free my cock and balls, and started gorging herself, filling her mouth as she rolled my length across her cheeks, all the time making these whimpering noises. She pulled her split skirt to the side and started frigging her clit frantically as she sucked and kissed my dick. I had to hold her back and stood still staring down at her, this totally anonymous female pleading, worshipping, fingering herself senseless and practically weeping at the very sight, smell and taste of my dick, with those pretty eyes, staring up at me and begging me to let her suck.

    And all of this could have only taken one minute.

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    I had this strange need to kiss her and thank her and maybe whisper or hold her or do at least a little part of the usual male-female communication stuff, but she put a pussy-wet finger to my mouth and turned her back to me. The two of us stood there facing the cubicle door, listening for the sounds of humans beyond as my dick shrivelled to nothing in her hand.

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    We were like two criminals hiding from the cops, listening for sounds. There were footsteps, male sounding, and then the hand dryer went on. As soon we heard the outer door opening and closing, she undid the lock and slipped out without a word or backward glance.