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Some types of brands have it easier on Instagram, while others have to get a little more creative. Learn more about how this feature helps maximize engagement by requesting a personalized demo or signing up for a free trial today. Below are some key reasons why hashtags deserve your undivided attention.

You can almost think of hashtags like you might think of keywords for a search engine, all confined to Instagram. Neglecting Instagram hashtags means making your posts more difficult for potential followers to spot. On the flip side, taking a few seconds to tack on some tags instantly makes your posts discoverable. Food for thought: according to recent Instagram statistics , posts including at least one hashtag score more engagement than those that feature none.

Growing Brussels Sprouts - Bonnie Plants

Followers engage with hashtags, plain and simple. For example, check out how Punky promotes its punkycolour tag in its Instagram bio. Followers who do so have a chance to be featured on the Punky feed via user-generated content. In turn, Punky publishes follower photos to its own feed. They also manage to include a variety of beauty-specific hashtags within posts to further expand their reach.


As a result, followers and influencers are empowered to continuously engage with branded hashtags so they can eventually be featured themselves. See how that works? Without branded hashtags for Instagram, these organic opportunities to create brand advocates would be impossible. Consistently following tags can help you keep a close eye on competitors as well as what people are saying about your own brand.

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Additionally, features such as social listening help ensure that tags related to your brand are based on positive mentions and interactions versus negative ones. There is no one-size-fits-all answer here, but here are some ideas to help serve as a starting point. For example, there are tons of beauty-related hashtags such as unicornhair or mermaidhair that speak to a more specific audience than just beauty.

Similarly, a fitness brand with a predominantly female demographic might find more success with tags related to femalefitness versus fitness by itself. You might be surprised at what types of niche hashtags are out there. Perfect for promoting your Instagram and encouraging user-generated content, branded hashtags are certainly important.

Here are some ideas for common branded hashtag types and variations you can brainstorm yourself.

How To Grow

You can comb through this list of the most-liked hashtags for some additional ideas. These types of tags are trendy and time-sensitive, perfect for showing off your personality and introducing yourself to new followers. In fact, doing so typically looks spammy and akin to keyword stuffing. Typically we see brands include between two to five, give or take.

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The takeaway here? In addition to your Instagram bio, make sure to promote your hashtag throughout your marketing campaigns. This includes on-site and via email, just like Barkshop does in this Instagram-specific newsletter.

A Microgreens Business, Can I Do It?

Remember: even though adding hashtags in your captions can make your posts easier to discover, the image is what will pull in users. Do a search for your hashtag and pay attention to the photos that show up. Specifically, you want to look for similarities between the images.

If you find a lot of the same, this could be an opportunity to branch out. This is why you have to invest in high-quality photos or videos for your page. Using hashtags that are already trending is a smart strategy to grow your audience. There are two ways to approach this tactic:. The first approach will give you more targeted results. However, depending on your industry, it might be rare that a topic related to it becomes trending. Once you find popular hashtags that people engage with, it might be tempting to continue using those same hashtags in every post.

By adding in a little variation, you increase the chances to reach new people.

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With Sprout, you can track your Instagram performance over time to find your top tags. However, take the time to experiment with tags that are used less frequently. The benefit of this approach is hashtags that are used less frequently are less competitive. When you learn how to analyze competitor data, you improve your strategy by identifying the content and campaigns that work best for them. You need to know which hashtags are your top performers so you can build around them.

Sprouts & Sprouting Starter Guide

It takes time to pull everything together. With Sprout Social, you can simplify your engagement efforts with our Instagram management tools to monitor hashtags, manage comments and see your efforts through social reporting features. We want to hear from you, though. Learn how to start growing and juicing your own sprouts as well, using your home, greenhouse, or garden as a source of daily nutrition and a boost to your body.

You will read interviews from top nutritional experts and sprout growers who share their experiences and insights into how sprouts can benefit nearly anyone. As an added bonus, you will benefit from dozens of top recipes that help you utilize your spouts in foods that best take advantage of their high nutritional content, while bolstering their taste and texture.

Using Instagram hashtags to grow your audience

For anyone who has ever considered growing and adding sprouts to their diet, this book will be a much needed resource. Atlantic Publishing is a small, independent publishing company based in Ocala, Florida. Founded over twenty years ago in the company president. Description this book Sprouts have been a happy addition to many sandwiches, noodle dishes, and side plates at restaurants for decades, and when they are properly grown at home, they can add a much needed boost of both plant protein and fiber to your diet.

Learn how to start growing and 4. If you want to download this book, click link in the last page 6.

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