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This eleven pound, white dog was pitiful after just having surgery for a cherry eye and wearing that protective lampshade like collar to protect him from any damage while healing. Again, judging a book by its cover, I told my dear wife, Joan, that Sparky was the ugliest dog that I had ever seen and that I did not know about bringing him home.

Joan is good at overlooking my pronouncements having heard them for over thirty-two years. Sparky has been a wonderful addition to our home. After time, his quirky looks grew to become cute. I truly did not have any expectations for him as I did for Stormy. Just as Stormy is who he is, so Sparky is who he is.

The Ugliest Cat Breeds In The World: Sphynx

We just had to get to know both of them. MsLadyLib 14 yrs ago. One cat, a pale ginger thing, called Mozart. BigKat 14 yrs ago. Name of my cats. I live with an orange tabby named Meowzart age 2 and a brown tabby called Katzenjammer, Jammers and quite often, JammerFat Previous cat Roguespierre lived to nearly 18 years old. Staxman 14 yrs ago. I'm sure the cartoonist who created the Katzenjammer Kids had that in mind! Sydney, Canberra and Cadbury; my daughter's cat is Cowperthwaite. Current cat: Sasha, 6-y. Previous: Ashbury, gray tabby male Maine Coon. I had him from '76 to ' I was living in the Haight-Ashbury when I got him, hence the name.

WildeFaerie 14 yrs ago.

Watch out world, a new ugliest dog has been crowned

Tiger Jack only one. Sterile 14 yrs ago. They also have nicknames Graubart 14 yrs ago. Abby, Maggie, and Molly. He came to us named Custer.. Bookish-Angel 14 yrs ago. Delilah and Seven of Nine. Spiritwolf 14 yrs ago. Charlie and Machico.

Watch out world, a new ugliest dog has been crowned

The current residents are Mia and Lexi, both tortoiseshells. As a single cat, he had used me as his personal pincushion, scratching post and attack pillow. The last straw was when he bit my eyelid and drew blood. I couldn't keep him after that and when my cousin volunteered to take him, I was grateful. Her other cats kept him in line and he lived a long happy life there, thankfully.

He was also the reason I always had 2 cats together after that Popesgirl 14 yrs ago. My cats names. Grevious as in grevious bodily harm Misha Both have bad attitudes and are stunningly lazy. Lazy cats!

Why I never heard of such a thing! Adia 14 yrs ago. Loki and Wicca. FancyHorse 14 yrs ago. Spite and Crystal. BreakEveryRule 14 yrs ago.


Queenie shes a Maine Coon we adore her. Mango, Jasper, and Inky. Deceased: Hazel and Domino and Kitty. MIA: Bill the Cat. All cats were male except Hazel and Domino both of which died at ripe old ages. Hazel was 19, Domino probably about Tiredngrumpy 14 yrs ago. Ozzie and Sasha. Ceili 14 yrs ago.

Molly and Meggie. Molly, Hershey and Charlie. Apollo and Gidget. Prior to her, I had Jezebel, who could not adapt to being an indoor kitty and is now a barn cat on a ranch, also, Tiger, Rebel as in Rebel without a Cause Bogart, Casey, and Muppet.

BruceAlexander 14 yrs ago. Bruce, Angel, Ginger and Shadow the dog - tee hee. Bast-Ra and Umberto. FortyToo 14 yrs ago.


Cat that has lived in Alaska general store is being evicted | KATU

Huckle, Valentino, Madeline, Oliver and Blue. MarciNYC 14 yrs ago.

In order of age oldest to youngest. Jeffrey 14 Daisy 14 Stanley 7 Mabel 3.

The 5 Ugliest Cat Breeds In The World

She's named after the late astronaut Kalpana Chawla. She's a brown and gold tortie, very arrogant but very cute. Winter-Wren 14 yrs ago. I have 3. Callie short for Callista , Jake Jacobi and Aylwyn. We had a fourth named Gwydion, but he's passed on now. Vargas 14 yrs ago. Kastor and Pollux. All hail They Might Be Giants! I will confess to having listened to it often music therapy? Apologies to grubs. Vermin with camel toe. Should someone gift Melania an umbrella? Or, no? What a gift trump is, sheltering her from the rain… GAG.

Just shows you the difference between Michelle and Melania.