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Throwing considerable light on that event, and developing the real motives for, and causes of his death London, , Regnault-Warin's text was initially suppressed because of its royalist sympathies, and both the author and the publisher were arrested.

A former Jacobin, Regnault-Warin spent eighteen months in prison, his own complicated trajectory mirroring the perceived persecution of his subject. The success of the book was such that Regnault-Warin returned to this theme. On Regnault-Warin's relevance to revolutionary literature more generally, see the compelling analysis of his work in Julia V. On such tendencies in Daumier's work, see Elizabeth C. James H. Johnson's article does not discuss dauphin impostors at length, although he does mention briefly the Hervagault case Alphonse de Beauchamp , Histoire des deux faux dauphins Paris : Mathiot, , 5, also 46— This was the thesis of the film Monsieur N.

Kerr, , 6. John H. Putnam, , This is clearly the artist identified by Jean Eckard, who described this encounter during the Restoration. Hanson, a supporter of Williams's claims, describes his failed attempt to discover the artist's identity and suggests that it was possibly a pseudonym — The issue is taken up with regard to the Williams case in Lawson, Prince or Creole , — Beaumont is not identified more precisely in the literature, although Eckard gives his residence as the rue de l'Arcade, Paris. This claim remains unproven.

Les 3 incroyables impostures - Nota Bene #13

Victor I. Comparable recourse to material culture can be discerned in other impostor cases, such as that of Mathurin Bruneau, who ostentatiously took his coffee in a porcelain service and drank wine provided by credulous locals from a crystal glass. This encouraged a range of popular responses, such as a clandestine poster campaign orchestrated by supporters of Bruneau's case in Rouen and several surrounding communes.

1. Bodin’s Life in Politics and Religion: Concord or Tolerance?

See de Beauchamp, Histoire des deux faux dauphins , , —8. For a fascinating comparative case of sudden princely reappearance in twentieth-century India, see Partha Chatterjee , A Princely Impostor?

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Dutton, , and the forthcoming book by Jennifer Tucker. Meanwhile, the contemporary resonances of the fascination with exilic narratives can be discerned in contemporary media accounts of child abduction and discovery, which often frame such crimes in overtly racial terms. This British context for the historical pretender achieved widespread dissemination with the publication, and subsequent impact, of David Hume's History of England —61 in France and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, in , Friedrich Schiller planned a heavily fictionalized treatment of Warbeck in a context where a conflict between deceit and natural truthfulness in the experience of historical character was becoming integral to proto-Romantic German culture. Holt, , — On the postrevolutionary rupture with history and the effects of alienation and dislocation that accompanied it, see Peter Fritzsche , Stranded in the Present: Modern Time and the Melancholy of History Cambridge , Mass. Mary D. Elsewhere, the subject of the royal family has been addressed in texts that deal explicitly with antirevolutionary sentiment in France and abroad, such as David Bindman, The Shadow of the Guillotine , exh.

London: British Museum Press, An exception is the broad examination of images of the royal children in Jacques Charles , ed. Louis Marin , Portrait of the King , trans. On motifs of masking and unmasking in revolutionary France, see James H. On these notes a profile portrait of the dauphin replaced that of his father.

Alisa Hartz Cambridge , Mass. Baron de Richemont [pseud. Since childhood she had also collected relics—including items of clothing and tapestries—belonging to her family. She was said to have lived out her life in secret in Hildburghausen, Germany—seldom seen in public, French-speaking, and always veiled—as Sophie Botta, the so-called Dark Countess.

The semaine sanglante , or bloody week, was the name given to the brutal suppression of the Paris Commune, from May 21 to May 28, , when thousands of Communards were executed. Of these, the Seychelles myth probably had the longest duration. Martin de la Brasque: Les Trois Spirales, In a reverse maneuver, Eric Muraise attributes the flourishing of dauphin impostors to a process of collective autosuggestion, as the impostures in America encouraged a number of young men to try their luck with the pretense in France.

Bolter and Grusin consider this a process characteristic to all forms of media change, as each new medium justifies itself by commenting on, reproducing, and interacting with other media in ways that are both visible and invisible. This process is particularly pronounced in the case of digital media, Bolter and Grusin's main object of study, although it is also relevant to the study of the nineteenth-century media discussed here.

See, in this context, Lisa Gitelman and Geoffrey Pingree , eds. The comte de Chambord — , son of the duc de Berry and grandson of Charles X, was a legitimist pretender who reigned unofficially as Henri V from August 2 through 9, , although his claim to the throne was ended by the proclamation of Louis-Philippe as king.

Lenotre reproduces a painting of Martin's vision attributed to Van der Cuisse, based on a profile portrait of Martin purportedly painted from life in Gallardon in Paris , , For a disbelieving contemporary account of the influence of Martin's story on the Naundorffists, see A.

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    Pauline Kewes, San Marino, Calif. Also see S. II, p. Lyndall Gordon, Mary Wollstonecraft. Also see Bonnie Smith op. Johnson ed. Barker-Benfield, op. Annette Kuhn, Signs 7.

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    For a detailed analysis of the equation of rhetoric with masculinity, see the article as a whole. A Fragment Janet Todd and Marilyn Butler eds. The Common Reader. Second Series , 6th ed. Declercq, M. Murat et J. Dangel eds. With an Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot and the Epilogues to the Satires , II, 1, l.

    White, op. Poovey, op. Journal devoted to the study of 16th to 18th century European literature and culture, mainly in England and France. Contents - Previous document. Nathalie Zimpfer. Full text PDF Send by e-mail. Unless otherwise indicated, all translations from the French are min Boulton, The Langua Ideology as Style in French Feminists and the R Arbuthnot and the Epilogues to the Sat