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Aspire Mountain Journey: ACMG/IFMGA Mountain Guide Service

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Journey of an IPS OFFICER from ASPIRE IAS

Cart 0. There is a real focus on people development and career growth. The Horizon programme is a great example of this. I tend to learn from the people around me, no matter their status or position within the company; there is always something good to learn and take back and I had many opportunities to do this through the projects I undertook during my learning journey.

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Dilan B. We reflected on our successes and areas to improve Minor Hotels is for people who have passion and commitment.

Farah J. When push comes to shove and separation is in the offing, something has got to give.

Baby Mama, Baby Daddy tales are the new norm. Though not a new phenomenon, people are still curious to learn or know how to make such relationship work especially for the sake of the children involved. The dynamics of blended families are always different. It is not a one-shoe-fit all affair. They are diverse; from ordinary people to celebrities or even the mighty and respectable.

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In Kenya we numerous high profile personalities in blended families. Blended families come by as a result of two partners coming together with either one or both having children from a previous relationship. Relationships end all the time; through separation and subsequent divorce, death or even desertion.